Our Process


At our first meeting, we’ll discuss your lifestyle. We’ll get a sense of what’s important to you, your goals and expectations, and what the elements of a successful integrated electronic system will be for you. We’ll show you some of the beautiful home environments we’ve created for our customers and solutions we used as a launching point for exploring various options and possibilities for your project.

We aim to have this meeting as early in the build process as possible, to ensure the best possibilities are still viable. Proper planning early in the project helps control costs and set the stage for great results.


Engineering is a critical aspect of our process. Just like your home that needs to be drawn and approved before construction begins, our systems are engineered and documented extensively.

Our engineering includes many drawings, including a rough-in wiring plan, system schematic, elevations, and other drawings we need to build your system. We will also work closely with other members of your design and construction team, providing drawings where necessary for precise coordination and flawless results.

Attention to detail and careful thought put to every project ensures there are no surprises.