About Us

We realize that for many, ‘technology’ can be a daunting proposition. Solutions A/V provides the ultimate in elegant integrated home solutions, tied together within a world-class integrated home platform, and installed into your home elegantly and unobtrusively.

Through a well-executed, simple and reliable solution, we aim to exceed your expectations as you enjoy the results of your investment in a properly installed, integrated home system.

Our Work

We execute our projects with pride, delivering the highest quality craftsmanship into any work we do. We have earned the trust and respect of many clients and industry partners, working on projects small and large. We take our work seriously, are proud of our accomplishments, and offer the highest level of client care available in our industry. Clients regularly come back to us for additional work, both in their existing homes, and on other homes and properties.

Where we work

Solutions A/V generally serves the Greater Toronto Area market, in condos and homes, and projects large and small. We also work on cottage and country home projects all across Ontario, with clients from Fort Erie to Peterborough, to the Muskokas, Georgian Bay, Gravenhurst, Huntsville and beyond.


We partner regularly with Interior Designers, Architects, and Builders, who leverage our extensive experience to consult on and provide the high quality integrated home solutions their projects require. Our excellent project management assures project success, on time, and on budget.

The number one goal in our solutions is to provide you with a system that is as simple to use as possible, given technologies used and client budgets. Our solutions are designed to enhance your lifestyle, not frustrate you with a complex system that will not allow you to do what you want to do. We keep the interface simple, and keep the intricate wiring and associated equipment hidden and out of sight.