Media Environments and Home Theatres

We are experts at bringing the cinema experience into your home. However, a great visual and surround sound experience requires careful foresight and planning and is not just a combination of top notch components.

Over many years, we have developed a specialty in creating truly amazing Media Environments. In many instances, a dedicated Home Theater is simply not possible – so we bring all of the best aspects of that experience into a space that can be used for other functions, such as a Living Room or Family Room. A simple button press can convert these spaces into a high performance Media Environment – hidden screens and projectors and carefully, discreetly placed speakers create an immersive environment perfect for blockbuster movies or the big game. When it’s all done, a simple button press can make it all disappear.

A dedicated Home Theater can bring a world class cinema experience, rivalling and surpassing the best commercial cinemas, right into your own home. From acoustics and soundproofing through seating and finishing details, we can bring a true, hassle free, theatrical experience right into your home.