Lighting and Shading Control

Great lighting is about the objects it illuminates and the spaces it creates. Too often, wonderful homes are let down by poor lighting. The lights themselves may be installed, but without a proper way to manage the lighting environment, spaces are never quite illuminated properly, and their beauty is lost.

We feel lighting control systems are a necessary feature of today’s elegant, integrated home, and as such we have developed an expertise in their design and installation. We minimize wall clutter by replacing gangs upon gangs of switches and dimmers with a single, elegant and intuitive keypad. One touch is all it takes to set the right light for the space, or even to turn off all the lights in the house. We ensure intuitive and reliable performance, while maintaining your home’s aesthetic appeal and increasing its safety.

Controlling natural light also plays a key role in comfort, convenience, and security. Our motorized shading solutions give you precise, near slient control of natural light, and can be set to do so by the same single press that controls the electric lights, or even by no press at all. Our systems track the position of the sun, and can raise and lower your shades automatically, conserving energy and protecting your furnishings, décor, and artwork from the sun’s harmful rays.

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