Wiring Infrastructure

Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC are the crucial lifeblood of your home – and so too are low voltage systems. Often, the importance of low voltage wiring is completely forgotten. There is only ever one opportunity to install the correct wiring in the correct locations – before the walls are closed up.

Planning your wiring infrastructure is crucial, and should be done at the blueprints stage. At this point, we can carefully examine the wiring required for audio, video, telephone, computer/internet, lighting, security, and surveillance. We ensure that the requisite wiring is installed for the systems we install today, and provide the capacity to also handle tomorrow’s technologies. Even in the era of wireless technologies, in a typical ~3000sqft house, we install over 100 individual runs of cable as we provide the infrastructure we know is needed.

We coordinate with architects, builders, telecom, and cable/satellite providers to ensure that the “digital plumbing” of your house is correctly installed.

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