Hidden Technologies

One of our specialties at Solutions A/V is providing hidden technologies. We have installed, and feature in our showroom, many options for partially or completely concealing technology. Our solutions ensure that the technology is there when you want it, and disappears when you don’t – all with one press of a button. After all, we want the integrated home solutions we provide to add to the beauty and elegance of your home, not diminish it.

Naturally, describing these solutions in words is not very impactful. Please CONTACT US to arrange a showroom visit appointment where we can demonstrate the various technologies available, and discuss how best to implement them in your project.

You don’t have to choose between elegance and entertainment.
We can help keep the technology hidden, but available at your fingertips

I am a...
What type of project are you planning?
   New Home Construction Remodel of an existing home Retrofit in an existing home
I am interested in...
   Concealing a TV in an motorized lift cabinet Concealing a TV behind a special TV-Mirror Concealing a TV behind a motorized roller-canvas Having completely invisible speakers Ensuring my switches and dimmers blend with my decor Having custom-painted speakers to match my ceiling or wall colour
We invite you to tell us a little more about how you'd like us to help keep your technology out of sight.
We look forward to discussing some options and possibilities with you further!